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What We Do

Linaster was created to allow people like you to have more opportunities to invest their time and energy where it is most valuable and needed.


In a nutshell - we are a virtual assistants agency that provides a wide range of high quality digital services. We carefully recruit and test our virtual assistants and additionally provide them with an 8-week in-depth training on digital skills in order for them to perform their work quickly and efficiently. We also do quality monitoring and provide our assistants with ongoing support and coaching. All our assistants are legally registered with our company and pay all the relevant taxes.

We provide virtual assistance services to clients worldwide. Our services range from routine personal and administrative tasks to specialized remote services like research, design and translation. With our assistants a few click away, you no longer need to spend time worrying about admin stuff or finding a new service provider to hire for specialized tasks each time. Instead, you’ll be maximizing every day and achieving more of what matters most!

By contracting Linaster, you’ll have a handy assistant for your every need, whether it's business or personal. You’ll get your work done remotely, and for many tasks you can even get an overnight turnaround service.


Contract us and add more hours to your day!


Our assistants can help build your personal brand, grow your following and reach out to target customers. We can manage your payments, invoicing and expense receipts and compile your tax information for filing.

What about having someone book your next holiday and take care of all arrangements in all details? That slide deck you need to research for, design and layout? Leave it on us!

Engage a remote expert who is ready to handle your recurring and specialized tasks.

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