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Delegate your routine tasks to our team of talented virtual assistants

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What We Do

We provide virtual assistance services to our clients worldwide. Our services range from routine personal and administrative tasks to specialized remote services like research, design and translation. With our assistants a few click away, you no longer need to spend time worrying about admin stuff or finding a new service provider to hire for specialized tasks each time. Instead, you’ll be maximizing every day and achieving more of what matters most!

By contracting Linaster, you’ll have a handy assistant for your every need, whether it's business or personal. You’ll get your work done remotely, and for many tasks you can even get an overnight turnaround service.

Our assistants can help build your personal brand, grow your following and reach out to target customers. We can manage your payments, invoicing and expense receipts and compile your tax information for filing. 

What about having someone book your next holiday and take care of all arrangements in all details? That slide deck you need to research for, design and layout? Leave it on us!

In a nutshell - we are a virtual assistants agency that provides a wide range of high quality digital services. We carefully recruit and test our virtual assistants and additionally provide them with an 8-week in-depth training on digital skills in order for them to perform their work quickly and efficiently. We also do quality monitoring and provide our assistants with ongoing support and coaching. All our assistants are legally registered with our company and pay all the relevant taxes.


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  • calendar/schedule management

  • document work

  • basic research

  • travel booking

  • other administrative tasks by request


  • studying the market and competitors

  • finding a product or service and researching reviews

  • investigating a specific topic

  • organizing surveys and polls


  • potential clients and key contacts research

  • customized mass emails

  • individual outreach

  • list building

Working from Home


We have set procedures and workflows that maximize efficiency, saving you time and money. We use a variety of specialist tools to complete your tasks so that we’re often much faster than a traditional assistant, who wouldn’t normally have access to this kind of technology.


Each assignment is managed by an account manager, who will keep in touch with any questions and queries (that will be kept at minimum!). 


You can send the tasks in your preferred way and they will be  acknowledged within the hour, and you will be given an ETA on your task with possible clarification and further information requests.


We handle your sensitive information with utmost responsibility and ensure strict confidentiality. Our assistants sign strict NDAs and use VPNs to perform client tasks. Your information is safe with us.

We offer:

  • Administrative virtual assistant services (dedicated assistant and a team support option)

  • Remote professional services including marketing, sales outreach, advanced research, technical support and more


We promise:

  • Prompt acknowledgement and response to inquiries

  • Fluent business communication in English

  • High level of technical literacy

  • Great attention to detail

  • Full confidentiality of the client information.

Working from Home


We provide learning and job opportunities to new moms who prefer (or have no choice but) to stay at home and care for their young kids, and are also willing to learn new skills and stay on top of their industry developments. They are dedicating a few hours a week to performing remote tasks and while still enjoying their motherhood without the guilt.

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